Legislation and Regulations

Oregon “Takings” Legislation (M37)

This bill has been enacted and is creating national interest in that it requires compensation for zoning or other govenmental actions which “take” private property rights.


February 2006, Oregon Supreme Court Ruling On Oregon Measure 37

Federal Legislation and Government

The Thomas site enables you to access text for existing and proposed federal legislation, names and addresses of members of congress and much more.

Text of the Endangered Species Act
Text of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act

This site accesses the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 36CFR contains the regulations pertaining to National Forests. Subpart D, addresses access regulations. Enter “36CFR251.110” in the Search box on the CFR site to access this regulation.


Washington State Legislation and Government

Access information related to existing and proposed state legislation, representatives and more.


Snohomish County Code and Government

See especially Snohomish County Code Chapter 30.


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